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New Found Glory's Not Without a Fight

Not Without a Fight is the best possible title for New Found Glory’s eighth studio album. Dripping with determination and ferocity on this release, New Found Glory has found the perfect combination of punk rock and maturity and proves that they’ve still got it and they’re not going anywhere.

The title track of the album is called “Right Where We Left Off.” Instead of being a direct pick up from where Coming Home finished, this album is a better integration of the maturity, sharpness, and melodic complexity of Coming Home and the NFG brand of pop punk that they made famous with Catalyst and Sticks and Stones. The tracks are drum-heavy and have catchy guitar riffs contrasting Jordan Pundik’s prominent clean tenor vocals.  The bass on each track throbs like the heartbeat of the band which could make anyone’s chest pump with the amp—a perfect concoction for moshing.


The gang vocals on tracks like “Don’t Let Her Pull You Down” and “Such a Mess” contribute to the fighting spirit of the album. This is supported by the intro of “Such a Mess” which is similar to Four Year Strong’s Rise or Die Trying with its heavy bass and clean guitar riffs that creates a really powerful sound. Songs like “This Isn’t You,” “47” and “Tangled Up” prove that it’s not about being thick-skinned for NFG; it’s about saying exactly how they feel, but giving it a kick in the ass. Even though they’re songs about frustration with love, they’re still
pissed off and unforgiving as Jordan sings in “This Isn’t You,” “Your words break me down like a wrecking ball, I’m so sick of it all.” “Reasons” is the perfect tie between past and present New Found Glory with an acoustic intro and heartfelt lyrics that progress into a chorus of pounding riffs.

A lot of bands promise to return to their previous sound and many can’t manage to re-conjure up their most perfect moment.  New Found Glory promised Alternative Press in their issue of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2009 that they were going back to their roots for this album and not only have they been successful, but they’ve also managed to retain the life lessons they’ve learned along the way.  Congrats, NFG.  You got your fight back.


To follow up with their new album release, New Found Glory is going on a seven week tour with Bayside, who released their forth studio album Shudder this past September, Set Your Goals, who is now recording a follow-up to 2006’s full length Mutiny, and Verse, who released their studio album Agression this past
June. They’re coming at you fast, rowdy, and full of new music so check out the
tour and keep your eyes open for a review of the show.
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