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The Bigger Light's debut album Fiction Fever (Jackie)


Named from a line in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” The Bigger Lights is made up of J.K. Royston (guitar/vocals), Dan Mineart (bass/vocals) and singer Topher Talley and they charge at listeners full-speed with their brand of upbeat, adrenaline-pumped rock.

Hailing from Fairfax, Virginia, the band will celebrate the release of their debut album, The Fiction Fever, on April 7.

With an energetic mix of pop and rock, songs like “Closer (Time Stops Breathing)” and “Apocalypse!” use enthusiastic vocals and harmonies mixed with heart-pounding guitar background and solos to pump the music through the stereo and straight into the listener’s ears.


Their song titles reflect the band’s enthusiasm and energy with names like “Revved and Ready” and “Goldmine Valentine,” the latter undoubtedly being the stand-out song on the album with Topher Talley’s voice shifting to an almost haunting whisper at the opening of the song with the band noticeably relying heavier on minor keys.   

Even “When Did We Lose Ourselves,” which most people would probably expect to be a somber ballad based on the song title, is a fantastic pop/rock anthem highlighting Royston’s guitar skills and is likely to inspire any audience to stand up and sing along.



With the  infectious choruses and vocals on The Fiction  Fever, it’s safe to say that listeners will be left humming and singing “if this is it, we’re dead set and ready for it” for a long, long time.

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